Seeing the Big Picture

“Origen’s overriding concern was to allow the whole Bible to speak for itself, whatever a single text may seem to say, for when the Bible speaks it speaks for God who inspired it.” -Bruce Shelley, Church History in Plain Language

Origen (185-254) was a great teacher in the early years of the church. The quote about him above from Bruce Shelley contains a great principle about Bible reading and study. Too many times we get caught up in petty disagreements about passages because we do not treat individual texts with the framework of the whole Bible in mind.

I pray that we would all not be hasty in our interpretation of difficult passages. Let us read and read and read! Think of passages in terms of what God is teaching us through the whole revelation of the Bible. This will help bring many odd texts into clearer focus.

May the Holy Spirit grant you understanding, wisdom, and growth as you study the word of God!


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