The Father’s Delight

During a time of prayer this week, God spoke to me deeply about His fatherly love. Since I consider myself to be somewhat of an intellectual and care about “theological accuracy”, I find myself struggling with a critical heart towards other pastors, worship leaders, etc. It is all too easy for me to want to criticize and look down on other Christians because they sing songs that are not right, or pastors preach messages that don’t measure up to the theology I subscribe to. But Praise be to God that He doesn’t allow me to continue thinking that way!

He gave me a picture as I was praying. He said,

“Dustin, pretend you are a father. Your 5-year old son writes you a letter about how much he loves you. Words are spelled wrong, every ‘E’ is backwards, and the grammar is terrible. What matters to you? Does it drive you crazy that his English is poor? Or are you so moved by that little boy’s act of love, that you don’t care about the misspellings and bad grammar? You are just so overjoyed that your child loves you and that he wanted you to know that he loves you. That’s how I feel. My kids will never get it completely right while they are on earth. Sure, as they get older, I will correct their grammar. But my main concern is that they love me and that they are willing to show it.”

I was so humbled by this picture. I still am not sure how to adequately express how I feel. I want to rejoice with God when His children worship Him, even if it’s a little off! I want to be one of His children that worships Him, even though I know my ways are imperfect and in need of refining. I trust that God will continue to be a faithful Father who corrects my poor “theological grammar.” I also know that He finds satisfaction in me, and all of His kids, right now as we are bumbling about. He is such a good and gracious Father. I am praying that God puts this compassion in me as I move closer to starting a family and being a father.

May our Heavenly Father grant you a greater understanding of His steadfast love!