Brief Apologetics: Critique 4

If you missed the first post from this series, please click here and take a moment to read the introduction.


Critique 4:
It’s fine to keep your religion in your own private world but don’t bring it out in the public square and don’t try to proselytize.

This seems like a reasonable request on the surface, but it’s absolutely impossible for anyone to abide by. In fact, when you said that to me, you just violated it. Here you are trying to convince me that I shouldn’t go around trying to convince others. Isn’t that perhaps a bit of a double-standard? Beyond that, how do I compartmentalize the lens through which I view the whole world? My views on marriage, sex, freedom, God, humans, etc. all flow out of my faith commitments. And if you’re a person of no faith, then your values on the same issues flow out of your disbelief in a deity and your commitments to science, logic, evolution, etc. We can’t ask each other to leave our values at the door. What we need to do is learn how to live together peaceably with different values. It’s like any other relationship, it demands compromise.


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