When Good Isn’t Good Enough

I would heartily commend to you this post by Collin Hansen over at TGC. It is a stirring reflection on how our culture has viewed Joe Paterno in light of the child molestation scandal involving Jerry Sandusky. I urge you to examine your own soul as Collin urges you at the end. I would also love for you to head back here and offer feedback and reflection on the article once you’ve read it.


For His glory and fame,


The Forgetful God – TG4OC

In case you hadn’t seen it, The Gospel for OC has published another of my articles. It’s actually a re-working from one I’d written a while back, but I hope you find joy and encouragement in the God I’m writing about and who I treasure. A God who “will not remember your sins.” O Hallelujah, there is mercy for us! Here’s the link:


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Homosexual Adoption: Thoughts from a Morally Conservative Christian

In the world of foster care and adoption, the participation of homosexual couples is a hot topic. There’s a heart-warming article on the Huffington Post’s website about a 15-year old boy who went through 12 different foster homes before finally being adopted by two gay men. If you’re a Christian who reads that article and it makes you sick, please allow me to issue a challenge. Here’s 3 reasons why you, as a fellow morally conservative Christian, should celebrate homosexuals adopting children from foster care.

1. It’s better for children to be in a loving homosexual family than an abusive heterosexual one.

This is self-explanatory. If you have to choose between these two “evils”, which one do you choose? The answer is simple: the loving, homosexual family. If you would choose the abusive one, there’s something wrong with you.

2. It’s better for children to be in a permanent homosexual family than to be bounced around from home to home in foster care.

The lack of stability that characterizes a child’s life in foster care is the decisive factor which dictates their ability to become a functioning member of society. Imagine trying to keep up with your school work when you regularly switch schools in the middle of the academic year. Impossible for a 3rd grader. Yet it happens all the time. When these kids graduate from high school and are expected to make it on their own, they have a remedial education, no job skills, and no support system. Having a family, even a homosexual one, completely changes that, enabling the child to develop into a participating member of our society. This is cause to celebrate.

3. Like all of humanity, homosexuals bear the marred image of God and their care for children still reflects God’s glory in a limited way.

Hopefully that heading makes your head explode with all kinds of questions regarding my theology of sin. I don’t have the time to line that out in a very detailed way but let me give you the skinny. Even though all humans are stained with sin, there is a sense in which all are still image-bearers of God. It is not a perfect expression by any means, but it is an expression nonetheless. Whenever a human being shows charity and concern they are reflecting the likeness of God. God declares Himself to be the champion of widows, orphans, the poor, the afflicted, and the oppressed (Judg. 2:18, Ps. 9:9, Ps. 68:4-6, Ps. 103:6, Mt. 4:24, Jam. 1:27). When a person acts in like manner, by God’s common grace, they are witnessing to the reality and nature of God even if they are completely unaware of Him. As a result, we should all celebrate when we see God’s grace at work in both the regenerate and the unregenerate.

Clarifying Remarks

Before you come at me with a knife, please understand what I’m NOT saying. I am not advocating for the pro-homosexual political agenda. I have concerns about the promotion of homosexuality in our society that are predicated on my belief in God’s existence and His intentions for human sexuality. What I AM saying is that since our culture has become more secularized and embraced things like homosexuality, we are not precluded from celebrating the good things that secular people do. We do not have to agree with them about sexual mores, but we must agree that it is good for abused and neglected children to have loving, stable homes. About that, we can all celebrate.

Singing to Each Other

There’s a guest post by Bob Kauflin that I helped edit and adapt over at The Gospel for OC. It contains some very helpful thoughts on how singing in worship can not only be toward God, but one another as well. It is also an encouragement to join us at The Gathering Conference in Huntington Beach on January 28th! Bob will be there along with Enfield to instruct us and to lead us in singing the songs off of Sovereign Grace Music‘s latest album, The Gathering. You can check out one of my favorite songs from this album, a revision of a hymn written by Augustus Toplady in 1772, below. I hope to see you there!

Now Why This Fear from Sovereign Grace Ministries on Vimeo.