Meal of Tears – A Lamentation for the Tragedy in Newtown, CT

Psalm 42:3

My tears have been my food day and night.

A meal of tears tonight they eat
No joy, no song in Newtown heard
But wailing mothers, their chest’s beat
A chorus of grief we are assured

Around the table none will sit
Lying in bed, none will sleep
Tonight the fires of candle lit
For children who will no more peep

Of senseless acts what sense is there?
Of darkened deeds an end in sight?
Of sorrow any way to bear?
For mankind is there any light?

But wait, Someone an answer brings
A Father whose own Son was killed
To His ears our cries do spring
In His arms, pained hearts are stilled

We do not grieve without a hope
For every age we will not cry
Those who sleep shall be awoke
The day comes soon: no more shall die

The feast prepared while now we ache
The wine is poured our thirst to slake
Sorrow and sighs flee ever away
On the horizon look! Endless day


May Divine comfort come swiftly to the brokenhearted of Newtown. Our prayers are with you. But more importantly, our God is with you.